The cottage estate is based on the classical American traditions combined with up-to-date technologies. The target audience of this cottage estate has already raised children and achieved business and career success. They feel pretty tired of the capital-city life and they are looking for a cozy and up-to-date place to live in with an out-of-town location.
Oklahoma Cottage Town is a modern cottage town, the embodiment of the American lifestyles in Ukraine. It is surrounded by unique nature, amazing forests and clean lakes, and it is located just 15 minutes away from Kyiv.
The estate's audience - family couples with children who are tired of the big city and long for peace and comfort in their own home. Modern design of houses, a breathtaking natural landscape, built-in smart home systems and eco-friendly materials: all this evidences that Oklahoma Cottage Town is not just a cottage town. It's the American dream. Here and now.
In a short promotional video we tried to convey these values to the consumer.

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