The cottage estate is based on the classical American traditions combined with up-to-date technologies. The target audience of this cottage estate has already raised children and achieved business and career success. They feel pretty tired of the capital-city life and they are looking for a cozy and up-to-date place to live in with an out-of-town location.
The cottage town is so confident in its security system that it launched a provocative advertising campaign.
Given that Oklahoma Cottage Town is located out of town and is surrounded by forests, the issue of safety comes to the fore, also because the target audience is married couples with children. Designing the estate, the developer's team worked hard to ensure that residents and guests of the estate could feel themselves safe around the clock, and children could walk without being followed by their parents. But how this information can be delivered to the audience and be heard? The capital city's development market is highly competitive and the risk is rather high that a simple message could be lost in the information noise. Nevertheless, the Provocateur PR team has found a way to solve this problem.
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