Liga Net Commercial
Сделаем вашу рекламу вкусной
#Commercial Portal - one of the leaders by the Ukrainian Internet audience coverage; it also has a leading position in the news and business media segment. Being one of the most authoritative sources of the latest business information in Ukraine, the portal ensures full information support of business by providing event-related, analytical reference and monitoring information with wide coverage.
The company's key product is sales of advertising. Special projects are one of the most promising formats of advertising. Within the framework of special projects, an advertised product is sort of "packed" and presented in the most "tasty" form. To stimulate sales of special projects, we have developed the campaign "We Make Your Advertising Delicious" demonstrating the process of a client's product advertising. In this campaign, the brand says that it knows how to present advertising to the target audience in the catchiest way.
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